Wood Burner 5kw to 7kw

Wood Burner

We recommend -

  • 10" Hardwood Logs - Standard size logs. We recommend hardwood as burning too much softwood in your wood burner may cause a build up of tar meaning you require more frequent maitainence bills. - available in nets or 1.2m3 builders bags

  • We recommend Kiln Dried as it burns cleaner and more efficiently, helping you look after your wood burner (however this comes down to personal preference and Seasoned can be used)

  • 8" Kindling - longer than found in most shops which means you use less to get your fire lit - available in carrier packs or nets

  • Heat Logs can be used also - The 'Green' solution. Made from hardwood shavings, no additives. With a hole through the middle to ensure they burn as they should, and last longer than solid ones - only available in carrier packs

  • Also to help you get started a box of Firelighters

If you are new to log burning we recommend ordering a Starter Pack however if you are more experienced please visit our shop or click on the above links to select your products.

Benefits of Nets/Carrier packs versus Builders Bags


- are stacked by us on delivery, easy and useful if you do not have a lot of storage.

Builders Bags

- more economic - there are roughly 25 nets to a builders bag - perfect for if you have the storage available.


**Please note some burners can take larger logs - if in doubt check with your installer.