Grown In Britain

“In the UK, we import £7.8bn of foreign timber each year, whilst neglecting the potential of our own forests and woodlands.”

At Home Farm Logs we are a proud member of Grown in Britain.

The not-for-profit organisation is working hard to change this statistic, supporting responsible management of existing woods and forests, and encouraging a shop local and buy British approach.

Encouraging new woodlands and investing in our trees and our future. Everyone associated with Grown in Britain understands we have all reached a critical point for global warming and the future of the planet and are welcoming the growing understanding of the importance of sourcing locally.


We are proud to play our part.

Home Farm Logs are committed to backing British.

🌳 Sourcing timber from well managed British woodland.⁣

⛏ All coal sold at Home Farm Logs is mined right here in the UK.⁣

🔥 We make our own kindling on site splitting down dry seasoned softwood. ⁣


Henry Starkey, Managing Director, Home Farm Logs, says:

“The Grown in Britain accreditation shows our support for home grown British timber and all it represents. It also clearly demonstrates to our customers that we’re part of this unique movement and have the assured licence in place to prove it.

We realise that increased demand for home grown timber is good for job creation, for local supply chains, for local and low carbon economies and for businesses. The amazing thing about stimulating the wood based economy is that it also results in havens for flora and fauna and great places to relax, enjoy and get healthy."


If everybody joins together and plays a small part, then together we can ensure our woodlands and forests have a sustainable future.