Home Farm Logs Loyalty & Rewards Program

How does the Rewards Program Work?

You can earn points each time you shop with Home Farm Logs.

Every 5,000 Points you earn is equivalent to a £1 saving on your next purchase. You can also earn points in many different ways, from signing up to your account, to recommending friends or sharing our products on Facebook and Twitter.

From time to time, we will also run promotions where you can earn extra points, giving you the chance to earn even more reward points to spend!

How can I earn more Points?

1. You can earn 5000 Points for setting up your Home Farm Logs Account.

2. You will earn 5000 Points when you place an order, once the order is shipped (refunds excluded).

3. You can earn 5000 Points if you follow us on Instagram.

4. You can earn 5000 Points if you like us on Facebook.

5. You can earn 5000 Points if you follow is on Twitter.

6. You will earn 5000 Points one month after your birthday (if you've included your birth date in your account details).

7. You can earn 5000 Points the first time you share Home Farm Logs on Facebook.

8. You can earn 5000 Points the first time you share Home Farm Logs on Twitter.

How do I redeem my Points?

When you reach the checkout, simply move the slider from left to right to redeem your rewards.  It's as simple as that!

Your rewards can be redeemed in £1, £5 or £10 off coupons.

How many points do I have?

To find out your rewards balance go to My Account, click on My Points and Rewards. You can also see your total points available in the basket page when you are placing an order.