BBQ Charcoal

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***Special Offer*** Buy 5 bags of Charcoal and receive a free box of Natural Firelighters. Available online, and for collection.


All our charcoal products are produced on site at our Southwell premises using only hardwood sourced from sustainable woodland within a 35-mile radius.   

We produce natural hardwood charcoal by cooking wood in our low oxygen silo to burn off volatile compounds such as water, methane, hydrogen and tar.  After the process is completed we are left with black lumps of charcoal and powder. This charcoal holds more energy potential per ounce than seasoned hardwood and burns steadily, producing less smoke and dangerous vapours.

Key Characteristics 

100% natural hardwood lump

Leading natural hardwood brand

Lump charcoal lights faster, burns hotter and leaves less ash than briquettes

Lights easily without using lighter fluid

Produces high heat  

Approx. bag weight 3kg

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**by-product biochar available. Please contact us for more information.