Log Storage Overview

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Log Storage Overview

Efficient log storage is every bit as important as efficient tool storage. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when planning your log storage.

  • The wood should always sit on a dry surface.
  • The wood should be covered on top.
  • The wood can be left open at the sides, but you may want to cover on the windy side to ensure sure the rain does not get to the stored wood too much.

Building a simple log store

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to store logs is a circular wood store which can be built on top of a wooden pallet.

Place your logs in a circular shape to a height of around 1.75 meters and secure a tarpaulin, sheet of plastic (available for around £5-£10 from a car accessory or tool shop) and some large stones on top of the wood stack to keep the rain and snow out. Make sure the stones cannot be blown by the wind.

Building a more permanent log store

  • Secure four corner posts well into the ground ensuring the wooden posts are well bedded into a mixture of sand and cement to make them sturdy.
  • Cover the back of the shed with cross members or fix with diagonals from top to bottom corner on back & sides to prevent your store wobbling from side to side.
  • Build a roof on top of your log store (from corrugated iron, slates or other materials) ensuring that the roof has at least a 15 degree slope, so that rain and snow runs off.
  • Make sure that your roof slopes to the back so that you so not get drenched when collecting wood.
  • Alternatively use a gutter and collect the water in a butt for use on your garden during dryer times.

Consider a dedicated log shed

You may prefer to build or buy a readymade log shed - these can be built in wood or metal finish and in a wide variety of sizes.

Remember to build or buy one large enough to store at least one full load of logs, and remember that to place the log shed in a position that is convenient for collecting your logs on a regular basis.

Consider dividing your logs into two different sections - one to contained seasoned wood ready to use and with wood which requires further seasoning.
The importance of the log basket

It is important to have a log basket inside the house.

This basket must be large enough to contain logs for at least two or three days so the logs are dried off further just before being used.

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