Unseasoned Hardwood Logs - Choose Log & Bag Size

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***Not suitable to be burned this year***

Unseasoned logs are a great way to purchase logs cheaply if you have the time and space to allow them a further 12 months to dry out before use.  All our unseasoned logs are UK sourced hardwood and have been split in the last six months but require further seasoning before they should be burned.  

We recommend that you dry the logs outside in a neat stack with plenty of air space between them for 12 months.  Try and protect them from the weather - particularly rain by keeping them covered but do so in a way that doesn't impede airflow.

All our seasoned logs are UK sourced hardwood which is proven to burn longer and give off more heat than softwood. The logs are primarily a mixture of oak, ash, beech and silver birch and release a lovely wood aroma when burned.

A builders bag is 1.1m3 in size.

***Not suitable to be burned this year***

 All builders bags/nets will have only hardwood, this may be a mixture, or all one species, dependant on the timber we receive for processing.