Seasoned Hardwood Logs - Builders Bag

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Please note that due to the government regulations Seasoned logs in any format will not be available from February 2021. We will only have a limited supply of Seasoned logs this year, up until October 2020 and from then on all products sold will either be Kiln Dried or what will be considered as Wet Wood (this could be seasoned). The website will change according to the Government Guidelines. 
Please click on Kiln Dried Products, these burn more efficiently and is recommended by wood burning stove companies. 

Seasoned Hardwood Builders Bag are the most cost-effective way to buy your wood. All our seasoned logs are hardwood which is known to burn longer and give off more heat than softwood. Primarily a mixture of oak, ash, sycamore, beech and silver birch and seasoned until extensive tests show the moisture content to be less than 25%, you'll get that beautiful wood-burning aroma. With only a 20%-25% moisture content you can be sure that your wood will burn easily, generating little smoke.

Oak and beech have a higher density compared to other hardwoods. This means they may take longer to light, but will then last longer.

All builders bags will have only hardwood, this may be a mixture, or all one species, dependant on the timber we receive for processing.