Logs for Multi-Fuel Burner

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If you have bought a Multi-fuel burner and are unsure which size logs you should be using in the burner, please use our simple drop down options above to purchase the right size logs for your burner.

Firstly, identify what size Multi-fuel burner you have and choose the correct option.

Next decide whether you would like to use Kiln Dried or Seasoned Logs in your Multi-fuel burner.  Alternatively you might choose to buy Unseasoned Logs and store them for at least six months before use (so they become Seasoned Logs).

Finally choose the size of bag and number of bags you would like to buy of the logs.

***Please note, to ensure you receive the quality you expect from us, there is an extended lead time for builders bags - collections of smaller quantities are welcome***

~Use more wood fuel – It grows on trees~

All builders bags/nets will have only hardwood, this may be a mixture, or all one species, dependant on the timber we receive for processing.