House Coal Trebles 20KG

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House coal is the term used to describe the standard coal burnt in household open fires and some multi fuel burners. All coal sold by Home Farm Logs is mined right here in the UK.

House coal generally comes in three different classifications or sizes:

Doubles - lump size: 25mm x 50mm
Trebles - lump size: 50mm x 100mm
Cobbles - lump size: 100mm x 150mm

House coal trebles are easy to light, contain a low ash content (no more than 15%), and burn with a long & strong natural flame.  They differ from house coal doubles as they burn for a significantly longer time and are also hotter.  House coal trebles are not suitable for multi fuel burners as they burn so hot.

House coal is not a smokeless fuel, so you should check to see if you live in a smoke control area before you burn house coal in your home or garden.  Please take a look at the DEFRA website to find out if you live in a smoke control area here.